Daniel Puzzuoli

 Researcher and Software Developer at IBM Quantum

Title: Calibrating numerically optimized pulses 

Abstract: The goal of numerical quantum control is to automate the gate design process, with the promise of rapid and flexible gate design for arbitrary systems. While many methods exist for performing model-based numerical optimizations, the reliable application of optimized gates to experiment remains a major limiting factor. We will discuss the primary challenges associated with experimental application, with a focus on scalability to systems with many qubits. In particular, we will discuss the challenge calibration, and present a recently-developed method to enable more efficient calibration of numerically designed gates.

Bio: Daniel Puzzuoli received his PhD from the University of Waterloo at the Institute for Quantum Computing in 2018, and is currently a researcher and software developer at IBM Quantum. He is the maintainer and lead developer of Qiskit Dynamics, a python package for classical simulation of quantum systems at the Hamiltonian level. His primary research interests lie in developing scalable methods for applying optimal control methods for quantum gates to systems with many qubits.

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