Quantum Computer Systems
Lecture Series

Organized by Zhiding Liang (Notre Dame) and Hanrui Wang (MIT)

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Quantum Knowledge Worth Spreading

A quantum computer system lecture series from introduction to advanced research topics. Aiming to build basic quantum knowledge and introduce latest research for the audience without quantum computing background but interested in.

Lecture 65 by Waild Saad (Virginia Tech)

Scaling Quantum Communication Networks

Lecture 64 by Tzu-Hsuan Huang (National Tsing Hua University)

Decoder for quantum error correction codes: from the perspective of classical error correction codes

Lecture 63 by Ivana Nikoloska (Eindhoven University of Technology)

Engineer’s Guide to Machine Learning with Quantum Computers

Lecture 62 by Yuxuan Du (Nanyang Technological University)

Multimodal Learning for Cross-Platform Verification in Early-Stage Quantum Computing

Lecture 61 by Kanad Basu (University of Texas at Dallas)

Efficient Quantum Verification Approaches

Lecture 60 by Chunhao Wang (Pennsylvania State University)

Quantum algorithms for simulating the dynamics of open quantum systems

Lecture 59 by Shaolun Ruan (Singapore Management University)

Achieve Explanable Quantum Computing Using Visualization

Lecture 58 by Prof. Mark Wilde (Cornell)

Variational Quantum Semi-definite Programming

Lecture 57 by Daniel Puzzuoli (IBM)

Calibrating Numerically Optimized Pulses 

Lecture 56 by Korbinian Kottmann (Xanadu)

ODEgen: Analytic Gradients of Quantum Pulse Programs

Lecture 55 by Kaitlin Smith (Northwestern)

Scaling Quantum Computing Systems via Codesign 

Lecture 54 by Prof. Yufei Ding (UCSD)

Quantum Computing Systems: Challenges and Opportunities 

Lecture 53 by Dr. Weitang Li (Tencent Quantum Lab)

Quantum Computational Chemistry: Variational Quantum Eigensolver and the Design of Ansatz

Lecture 52 by Prof. Xiantao Li (Penn State)

Open Quantum Systems in Quantum Computing

Lecture 51 by Prof. Prabhat Mishra (UFlorida)

Design Automation for Quantum Computing

Lecture 50 by Mitch Thornton (Southern Methodist University)

Quantum Oracle Synthesis with an Application to QRNG

Lecture 49 by Archana Kamal (University of Massachusetts Lowell)

Quantum Reservoir Engineering for Fast and Scalable Entanglement Stabilization

Lecture 48 by Evan McKinney (Pittsburgh)

Quantum Circuit Decomposition and Routing Collaborative Design

Lecture 47 by Daniel Silver (Northeastern)

Quantum Machine Learning on Current Quantum Computers

Lecture 46 by Dr. Michael Goerz (U.S. Army Research Lab)

Numerical Methods of Optimal Quantum Control

Lecture 45 by Tianyi Hao (UW Madison)

Enabling High Performance Debugging for Variational Quantum Algorithms using Compressed Sensing

Lecture 44 by Ricky Young (QBraid) and Mert Esencan (Icosa Computing)

Quantum-Inspired Optimization for Real-World Trading by Icosa powered by qBraid

Lecture 43 by Prof. Zheng (Eddy) Zhang (Rutgers)

A Structured Method for Compilation of QAOA Circuits in Quantum Computing

Lecture 42 by Prof. Zichang He (JPMorgan)

Align or Not Align? Design Quantum Approximate Operator Ansatz (QAOA) with Applications in Constrained Optimization

Lecture 41 by Prof. Giulio Chiribella (University of Hong Kong)

The Nonequilibrium Cost of Accuracy

Lecture 40 by Dr. Ruslan Shaydulin (JPMorgan)

Parameter Setting in Quantum Approximate Optimization of Weighted Problems

Lecture 39 by Thomas Alexander (IBM)

Control Systems & Systems Software @ IBM Quantum

Lecture 38 by Dr. Daniel Egger (IBM)

Pulse-based Variational Quantum Eigensolver and Pulse-Efficient Transpilation

Lecture 37 by Dr. Ji Liu (Argonne National Laboratory)

Elevating Quantum Compiler Performance through Enhanced Awareness in the Compilation Stages

Lecture 36 by Dr. Samuel Yen-Chi Chen (Wells Fargo)

Hybrid Quantum-Classical Machine Learning with Applications

Lecture 35 by Prof. Zhu Han (Houston)

Hybrid Quantum-Classic Computing for Future Network Optimization

Lecture 34 by Zhirui Hu (George Mason)

Optimize Quantum Learning on Near-Term Noisy Quantum Computers

Lecture 33 by Lia Yeh (Oxford)

Quantum Graphical Calculi: Tutorial and Applications

Lecture 32 by Prof. Yuan Feng (University of Technology Sydney)

Hoare logic for verification of quantum programs

Lecture 31 by Dr. Marco Pistoia (JPMorgan)

Quantum Computing and Quantum Communication in the Financial World

Lecture 30 by Dr. Thinh Dinh (Vietnam National University)

Efficient Hamiltonian Reduction for Scalable Quantum Computing on Clique Cover/Graph Coloring Problems in SatCom

Lecture 29 by Prof. He Li (Southeast University (China))

Rethinking Most-significant Digit-first Arithmetic for Quantum Computing in NISQ Era

Lecture 28 by Dr. Naoki Kanazawa (IBM Quantum)

Pulse Control for Superconducting Quantum Computers

Lecture 27 by Minzhao Liu (UChicago)

Understanding Quantum Supremacy Conditions for Gaussian Boson Sampling with High Performance Computing

Lecture 26 by Charles Yuan (MIT)

Abstractions Are Bridges Toward Quantum Programming

Lecture 25 by Jiyuan Wang (UCLA)

QDiff: Differential Testing for Quantum Software Stacks

Lecture 24 by Runzhou Tao (Columbia)

Automatic Formal Verification of the Qiskit Compiler

Lecture 23 by Yuxiang Peng (University of Maryland)

Software Tools for Analog Quantum Computing

Lecture 22 by Yasuo Oda (JHU)

Noise Modeling of the IBM Quantum Experience

Lecture 21 by Prof. Jun Qi (Fudan)

Quantum Machine Learning: Theoretical Foundations and Applications on NISQ Devices

Lecture 20 by Prof. Mohsen Heidari (IU, Bloomington)

Learning and Training in Quantum Environments

Lecture 19 by Prof. Nai-Hui Chia (Rice)

Classical Verification of Quantum Depth

Lecture 18 by Prof. Gushu Li (UPenn)

Enabling Deeper Quantum Compiler Optimization at High Level

Lecture 17 by Prof. Tirthak Patel (Rice)

Developing Robust System Software Support for Quantum Computers

Lecture 16 by Wei Tang (Princeton)

Distributed Quantum Computing

Lecture 15 by Zeyuan Zhou (JHU)

Quantum Crosstalk Robust Quantum Control

Lecture 14 by Bochen Tan (UCLA)

Compilation for Near-Term Quantum Computing: Gap Analysis and Optimal Solution

Lecture 13 by Prof. Guan Qiang (Kent State)

Enabling robust quantum computer system by understanding errors from NISQ machines

Lecture 12 by Prof. Jakub Szefer (Yale)

Quantum Computer Hardware Cybersecurity

Lecture 11 by Prof. Prineha Narang (Harvard)

Building Blocks of Scalable Quantum Information Science

Lecture 10 by Yilian Liu (Cornell)

Solving Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations using Variational Quantum Algorithms on Noisy Quantum Computers

Lecture 9 by Prof. Chen Qian (UCSC)

Protocol Design for Quantum Network Routing

Lecture 8 by Dr. Gokul Ravi (UChicago)

Classical Support and Error Mitigation for Variational Quantum Algorithms

Lecture 7 by Dr. Junyu Liu (UChicago)

Quantum Data Center

Lecture 6 by Prof. Tongyang Li (Peking University)

Adaptive Online Learning of Quantum States

Lecture 5 by Prof. Robert Wille (Technische Universität München)

Design Automation and Software Tools for Quantum Computing

Lecture 4 by Siyuan Niu (Monteplier)

Enabling Parallel Circuit Execution on NISQ Hardware

Lecture 3 by Jinglei Cheng (USC)

Introduction to Variational Quantum Algorithms

Lecture 2 by Zhixin Song (Gatech)

A Guided Tour on the Map of Quantum Computing

Lecture 1 by Prof. Yongshan Ding (Yale)

Software and Algorithmic Approaches to Quantum Noise Mitigation: An Overview